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February 2024 - E-toro Portfolio Update $24,079.37

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Dividends Summary for February 2024

This month, we have received 33.32$ in dividend payments from the companies we hold in our portfolio. You see that it really takes a lot of money to build true “passive” income through dividends. This is not get rich quick scheme, but you will see how this will compound over years, trust me.

dividends january 2024

Following companies have pay out dividends in February,2024:

  • 01/02/2024 $VZ (Verizon)
  • 01/02/2024 $T (AT&T Inc)
  • 09/02/2024 $CLX (Clorox Co)
  • 15/02/2024 $O (Realty Income Corp)
  • 15/02/2024 $GEHC (GE HealthCare Technologies Inc)
  • 23/02/2024 $SBUX (Starbucks Corporation)

Portfolio contributions

As each month, I have contribued 500$ into the portfolio. This amount is getting divided and distributed to buying more shares of companies on weekly basis (100$ a week), which is eventually increasing a dividend amounts we will be receiving in the future. I do primarily invest for passive income / dividends, however into strong established companies that offers value or are undervalued, and I do not shy away from growth companies.

portfolio evolution


I continue on my health journey - being healthy person, while I have not lost a weight after last month, I have increased level and amount of exercises. I have also eaten more veggies and fruits.

In February 2024, I have overarchieved again my ‘6,000 steps a day’ goal. As you can see on provided screenshot below, I have done almost 8000 steps a day on average. I am hoping to continue increasing this number until 10k feels comfortable. I am hoping to do long term somewhere between 8-9k steps.

In regards to workouts, I overachieved my 15 min exercise a day goal as well. There are days when I do a lot of exercise, typically twice per week I do 2 hours workouts - combination of yoga and tabata. Upcoming month, I will try to do twice per week a 1-hour exercise on eliptical device. As I really need to loose weight, as I gained over past 2 years for about 15kg and I don’t feel my greatest, hence want to take actions to change that.

Tracking and sharing my results, both from investing journey towards Financial Freedom (FI) and health progress keeps me very motivated. Hope that this inspires some of you, my valued readers.

If you are interested you can join my investing journey and follow/copy my investments/trades at (my publicly trading account)