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January 2024 - E-toro Portfolio Update - 22,930.27$

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Dividend progress in 2023 year

Looking back into 2023 year, total amount of dividends received was 320.71$, which is around 26.72$ a month. By visualizing dividend progress throughout the year, we can clearly see that some months are stronger than others. Overall dividends are slowly growing, as we keep contributing to the portfolio on monthly basis.

dividends 2023

Comparing year 2023 to year 2022, we can notice a significant progress. Total amount of dividends increased by whopping 150.915%. This is why consisent investing is so important.

dividends all years - table

In Novemer 2021, when I started investing on E-toro platform, I did not receive any dividends in the first 7 months. With patience in the eighth month I got my first dividend, which was just 0.34$ cents. And see where we are now, last year the highest dividend amount in month was 52.55$.

dividends all years - graph

Dividends Summary for January 2024

First month in 2024 year, we have received 20.97$ in dividends. This is a great start to the year, as I know the stronger months are just ahead of us.

dividends january 2024

Evolution of the portfolio

Despite of the market fluctuations, our portfolio is constantly growing. This is exactly what long term investing should look like.

portfolio evolution


Since health is the new wealth, it’s important to take good care of yourself before anything else.

This year I have decided that I will become a more healthier self. To do so, I have defined multiple goals that are within my control. Even though I would like to lose weight, this is not something I can fully control. Instead I can control how many exercises I perform and what food I eat.

This month I have enrolled into Yoga classes, which are now one of mine favorite exercises. It helps me in so many aspects of my life from being more flexible, it reduces stress and helps me to be more fit. In January I bought a new yoga mat and yoga pillow, so that I can exercise any time at home. Addtionally, I have enrolled into Yoga Detox class in my neighborhood. This is a 2 months long program, which starts in February, so prior that I started to exercise at home by following intructions from various Youtube videos.

My goal was simple, exercise a 15 minutes a day throughout the year. It is primarily a 15 minute walk outside, or 15min workout on eliptical device at home or yoga. I am trying to keep it simple, so that I can stick to it for very long time.

In January 2024, I have slightly overarchieved my 6,000 steps a day goal.

When comes to workouts, I overachieved my 15min exercise a day goal as well.

It seems insignificant, however I was previously barely moving due to my sedetary work lifestyle.

If you are interested you can join my investing journey and follow/copy my investments/trades at (my publicly trading account)