First, before we start with our own journey to financial freedom, we need to decide what our goals are. Start studying how other people are able to save or earn extra money, then we need to start putting the newly obtained information into practice, as all the small actions over time will add up and make a big difference in our quality of life.

For example, I have decided to track my progress on these blog posts, which will hopefully make me much more motivated when I share it with the world and also force me to stay on track, as it is so easy to start but to make consistent changes is hard. Hopefully, some of you reading this blog will join me, so that we can exchange information and motivate each other.

My current ultimate goals are:

  • build up an emergency fund that will cover 1 year of living expenses and later save up to 1 year of full salary and store it in high-yield saving account in a bank
  • cover monthly necessities/expenses such as electricity, food, and utilities by side hustles or other types of income streams
    • dividend income
    • other income
  • max out traditional IRA
  • max out Roth IRA
  • max out 401(k)
  • invest in non-tax advantaged accounts (brokers)